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Divine Deliverance

May 14, 2019

May 14


Scripture Reading: Psalm 22:19–20“ But be not thou far from me, O Lord: O my strength, haste thee to help me. Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.”

Divine Deliverance


Father God, thank you for that supreme sacrifice that worked out our deliverance. Thank you for the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross at Calvary; the blood that gives us strength from day to day; the blood that will never lose its power. O gracious, glorious living God, thank you for the atonement that has qualified us. We who were not a people are now a people. We are not just a people but you have made us priests and kings. Father, bless your holy name. Thank you, for you have delivered, you are delivering, and will yet deliver. O Holy Father, in the name of Jesus accept our thanks.

Are you in any form of lack or despair today? Do not be discouraged, for these prophetic words of David point to someone who loves you so much that He accomplished a work of deliverance for you. When Jesus was on the cross paying the price for our sins, He uttered this same prayer. May God give us the grace to appreciate that He loves us so much that He gave us His only begotten Son. When Jesus was crucified at Calvary, He died for us so that we might live eternally and that we would have life more abundantly. He worked out the ultimate deliverance for you and me.

Many of us need deliverance because something stronger than ourselves is holding us down. To deliver means to “rescue, set free, or redeem.” But deliverance can only occur by superimposing a superior power to nullify the activities of destructive powers.  The most superior power is the power of God because it is divine. That which is from above always overcomes that which is beneath. God is even more powerful than power itself because He is the source of power and by Him all things consist, Colossians 1:17.

David knew that pleading for life was not enough. He cried out to God to deliver his soul from the sword.  Your soul is the seat of your emotions, reasoning, and senses. When talking about deliverance people often say, “Well, no one is physically attacking me, so there is nothing from which I need to be delivered.”  But if the seat of your reasoning or your emotions is attacked, then you are effectively being attacked.  Indeed, you are being held in bondage. For example, if your mind is confused and you are not able to think clearly or make right decisions, you are in bondage. Furthermore, if an attacker has cut off your senses, your ability to taste, smell, and hear from God, he has essentially put you in a spiritual coma.

When your soul has been attacked, it has been cut off and starts to bleed, which attracts the dogs that lick blood. These dogs refer to the workers of Satan; the thief that comes to steal, to kill and destroy.   But Jesus has come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, John 10:10.

Whenever your soul feels attacked, you need to cry out to God as David did. Pray that the dogs of this world will not come into your life and confuse you. Pray that God will enter your situation and use all His power to rescue you in the name of Jesus.  Jesus Christ our Lord has all the power in heaven and on earth.  He has blessings in abundance.  He is waiting for you to invite Him into your situation. He needs you to talk to Him and say, “Lord, my situation does not coincide with your Word.  Lord God Almighty, come and deliver my soul from the sword, deliver my soul from the power of the dog, for the dogs are licking my wounds right now.”

Prayer Points:

If you have never given your life to Jesus, take the next step and pray with me, “Dear Lord Jesus, I need this work of atonement to work for good in my life. I surrender to you and I confess and forsake my sins.  Cleanse me with your blood.

Lord God Almighty, fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit and let me experience divine deliverance in the name of Jesus.” Amen.

Father God Almighty, in the name of Jesus, we call down your power to come and superimpose itself upon the earthly powers that have held us in bondage. We pray that you will shake off the vipers that have attached themselves to our handiwork. We throw them into the fire of the Holy Spirit today in the name of Jesus. Let there be a new season in our lives, that God will descend upon us in our rooms, in our offices, and in our individual situations. We pray that God will come and do a work of divine deliverance to the glory of God in the name of Jesus. Amen.


May 14, 2019
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