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Fresh Oil II

January 2

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January 2

Scripture Reading: Psalm 92:10
“But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.”

Fresh Oil II

Beloved, God’s eyes are on the sparrow and be assured that He is watching over you. Are you weary? Are you dry? Are you in a place where you need “fresh oil” today? I want to assure you that God has poured that oil in your life, because He will never forsake you. Whatever you are going through now, be encouraged that no challenge or problem is permanent. You have won so many battles so far; God will not let you lose this one. He wants to encourage you today, there is fresh oil, fresh anointing available for your challenges. In Job 23:2-10, we see a man who was being tested. Are you going through a trial now? God will put strength in you through the anointing of the Holy Spirit with His fresh oil. Even as you communicate with Him, God is processing you for progress.

Whatever challenges are before you are there for you to overcome so you can experience an incredible leap forward.

What makes a Christian weary? Is it rejection? Is it delayed blessings and pending prayer requests? Is it sickness? Is it not knowing what to do next? Or is it that you are anxious? All these things happen, but I want to encourage you that you can get fresh oil, fresh anointing, new strength, by pressing through, by counting your blessings, by waiting on the Lord, ministering to Him in worship, and singing songs of encouragement. Encourage yourself by thinking of His goodness, His mercies, and reading His Word. Encourage yourself with the promises in His Word, by persevering in faith, by worshiping Him, praising Him, and focusing on Him. Beloved, there is nothing God cannot do if He is magnified in your life by faith in His Word. How close are you to the Word of God? In most cases, the dryness we experience is because of our distance from the Word, from worship, and from prayer.

Brethren, it is time to wake up, to arise and shine, for our light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us. If you are asleep Christian, arise means you are to wake up. If you are awake, it is time for you to sit up on your bed. If you are sitting on your bed, it is time for you to stand. If you are standing, it is time for you to walk. If you are walking, it is time for you to run. If you are running, it is time for you to fly. If you are flying, it is time to fly higher with fresh oil, with fresh anointing from the living God by the power of the Holy Spirit. May this be your portion in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Points:

Lord, you know my beliefs, you know my life, you know my purpose, you know my faith, you know my longsuffering, you know my love, and you know my patience. You know my persecution; and you know my afflictions, O Lord. You have delivered me before; deliver me again in the name of Jesus. Father God, you reigned in my life yesterday, today come and reign forevermore. O Holy Spirit, come and take control, come and move in my life, come and give me fresh oil, fresh power. O Holy Spirit, you are the power of God on earth.

Today, deliver me from every evil work that causes dryness, spiritual weakness, and weariness. I ask for fresh oil, that I may bask in your glory, move me from strength to strength, from glory to glory in the name of Jesus. I come against every arrow of rejection that the enemy is pointing at me and I pray that you will give me a revelation that I am accepted in the Beloved. Father you are a God of love, so plant my feet in lovely places. O Lord God Almighty, it is time for you to work miracles in my life. Pour out your blessings into my life. Holy Spirit, give me the grace to overcome by worshipping God, by counting my blessings, by waiting on the Lord, by appropriating the Word of God, by appropriating the promises of God. Give me the grace to look up to Jesus and ask for fresh oil. Amen.


January 2
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