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Gad: A Troop Cometh

September 19, 2019

September 19

Scripture Reading: Genesis 30:10–11
“And Leah said, A troop cometh: and she called his name Gad,” Genesis 30:11.

Gad: A Troop Cometh

Father God we thank you for your presence and the power to prevail, the power to overcome. We thank you for the manifestation of Gad.

Genesis 30:10 says that Zilpah, Leah’s maid, bore Jacob a son. In the next verse we read that Leah named him Gad, which means “fortune.” Gad means a troop, an invader, a good fortune. When you and I become sons of God, we hear from God, we are attached to Him, and we have turned from pleasing man to praising God. The order of Judah and God’s judgment has come into our lives so we wrestle and prevail.

We are now ready to become invaders for the Kingdom, and in the order of the children of Israel we read that Leah, when she saw that she left bearing, took Zilpah her maid and gave her Jacob to wife. In other words if Rachel can have increase through a maid, she can also. When Leah named the new son Gad, she saw the realm of possibilities in what God was doing in Israel. With Gad she realized that through all the wrangling, Jacob now had seven sons. She knew that seven plus three equals ten so if the family of Jacob moved anywhere, a congregation had arrived. For this reason she said, “a troop cometh.” In reality they were now an invading contingent, a contingent that invades and brings fortune. There are families with so many children they could be a football team. In the realm of Gad this means you come with a congregation. You are no longer wrestling; you are ready to invade because you are now part of a troop that is going for fortune, not struggling for survival. There is a progression from the wrestling of Naphtali for survival to the invading of Gad for good fortune. The children of Israel have now advanced to the realm where they can invade to collect fortune.

I pray that those of you who are wrestling now will understand that with your prevailing will come the anointing to invade and collect fortune in the name of Jesus. Where do we invade? We invade a territory by crusade to get the spoil, the souls.

Proverbs 11:30 says he that winneth souls is wise. When you have become a son of God, you are mature, you are attached to God, you fear God, you praise Him, you have His judgment, you have wrestled and prevailed, you can now become a crusader, an invader to bring souls into the Kingdom. I pray that God will take us into that realm of maturity, into that realm of growth where we will begin to manifest the order of Gad and that we will invade and bring forth the good fortune.

Good fortune is something that is precious and never loses its value. The most valuable thing on earth today is the soul of man because it will never perish. Neither will the Word of God. They will live forever. Now if you and I, in the order of the progression of the children of Israel, get to the place where we have become Gad and we can invade and prevail and bring good fortune into the Kingdom, we will be wise. In the invasion and the crusading that brings in souls, we have resources that will never perish, gold that will never devalue, stock that will never crash.

Gad means a troop cometh. Leah is moved to level two of productivity. She had left bearing, finished giving birth, but had come to an understanding that the increase did not diminish her. She realized that what she gave birth to in the four sons, what Rachel gave birth to in the two sons, and the third son born through a maid all amounted to an increase in the Kingdom of God. Leah had gone from self-pity, competition, and challenge to seeing the total picture. By the time she named Gad, she understood that they were a troop ready to invade. They were invading in the order of increase that has made them relevant even today because God promised Abraham that he would make his children as the stars that are in the sky and Leah was now naming and speaking prophetically. She called his name Gad meaning good fortune.

It is good fortune indeed to work with God. Are you hearing from God as a child of God? Have you matured from a child to a son? Are you attached right now? Have you praised God today? Do you have the judgment of God? Have you wrestled and prevailed in prayer? If so, you are ready to crusade and invade for souls, to bring in the good fortune that will never depreciate. When you become a soul winner in the Kingdom, you have matured, you are making progress, in the Kingdom, you are now an asset.

Prayer Points:

How can you become a crusader, an invader to get the good fortune of souls that will never depreciate? First you must start with Jesus coming into your life to give you that revelation, to take you from glory to glory. If you are reading this message and you have never given your life to Jesus, pray with me now, “Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you. Come into my heart, save my soul, and give me the progress of the children of God manifested in the names of the children of Israel in Jesus’ name.” Amen.


September 19, 2019
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