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Give Thanks Unto the Lord

April 10

April 10


Scripture Reading: Psalm 118

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever”  Psalm 118:1.

Give Thanks Unto the Lord


Has the Lord blessed you? Then give thanks to Him for his mercy endures forever. Are you part of the seed of Israel? Have you been grafted in? Are you a child of God? Then proclaim that the mercy of God endures forever. Are you part of the seed of Aaron? Are you a priest? Then rejoice that the mercy of God endureth forever. Do you fear God? Do you factor God into everything you do? Beloved, pronounce that the mercy of God endures forever.

We have called upon God all these days, months, and years, and He has answered us. He has set our feet in a large place; glory be to His name.

The Lord is on your side, therefore, you should fear no man. The Lord is on your side, therefore, you will see your desire upon them that hate you. It is better for you to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man, for God will give you the grace to overcome all who are attacking you.  The Lord is saying to you today that you will destroy all who “compass you about like bees,” in the name of the Lord, verse 12. God is telling you that He is your strength and your song; He is your salvation.  God has done great things.  He has delivered us from many dangers, oppressions and depressions. He is the Lord that has delivered us from evil; He is at present delivering and will yet deliver.  Blessed be His name forever.

Prayer Points:

Our Father and our God we thank you for your great love for us. Lord, your love has made a difference in our lives. Accept our thanks for your thoughts for us which are for peace and not of evil. Lord we glorify your holy name today and say that we agree with all your great plans for us.  I pray for the opening of the realm of salvation, deliverance, peace, prosperity, and all the possibilities in the Lord, for with you, God, nothing shall be impossible. Father God, we pray that you give us the grace to read your Word and receive it, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Pray that the Lord will give you an attitude of gratitude.


Pray for the grace to go from glory to glory in your relationship with the Lord

Pray that the Lord will give you a good memory of His blessings on your life. Stop counting your losses and be encouraged by counting your blessings.


April 10
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