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Levi: Joined with God

September 15, 2019

September 15

Scripture Reading: Genesis 29:34
“And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Now this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons: therefore was his name called Levi.”

Levi: Joined with God

Holy Father we thank you for the priviledge of being called the sons of God as we mature in you. We bless you for the love that makes you hear our challenges and hear our cry. Today, we pray that you give us the grace to be joined to you, to be joint heirs with you Lord Jesus, to be attached to you in the order of Levi.

Genesis 29:34 says that Leah bore a third son and hoped that her husband would now be joined to her; therefore she named her son Levi, which means “attached” or “joined.” And as we think on this verse, the question that arises is are you joined to God? Are you a Levite or are you disconnected? Many, particularly in the western world, are born into a religious Christianity. Because your family goes to church, when you fill out a form you check Christianity as your religion. But the key question is are you joined to God? Are you joint heirs with the Son? Are you part of the family of God? Leah said, because she bore a son, this time her husband will be joined to her because she is productive. She has given him a son again because she was hungry, desirous of a permanent connection to her husband. Giving birth to Reuben did not work because she was still hated, so with appreciation of the fact that God heard her challenge, she named her second child Simeon. It is a bit disheartening that Jacob did not even do her the honour of naming her sons; she had to name them from her trials, from her anguish, and from her desires. She thanked God for hearing her by giving her another son but that did not solve her problem.

The question remains: Can you be called Levi? Are you attached to God or do you have a loose arrangement? Do you connect on Sundays and disconnect on Mondays because the world is calling? Do you reconnect in a serious midweek Bible study and then disconnect by Friday? Are you a Levite? Levi in this context is someone who is attached to God. Amongst the children of Israel, the Levites are those who minister to God. No wonder he was named Levi at birth and so those who are attached to God are called the Levites. God is looking for Levites in every generation. In this generation are you a son of God, a joint heir with the Son?

How can you and I be attached? We must take on the Levi anointing and attach ourselves through service. If I were not serving God in this area of ministry I probably would not get this message. But when you are joined to God and are serving Him you are attached because you are getting to know more of Him, getting to receive the decoding. None of us have arrived yet. It is amusing when people think they know the entire Bible. Wise people concede that they are still learning because it is a learning process. The call is for you to examine yourself today to determine whether you are attached or disconnected. If your position is detachment, this is a dangerous place because when you are detached you are like a branch that is disconnected from the tree. You have no nourishment and it might look like your leaves are green for a while but I can assure you that soon they will die and eventually the wood will go into the fire.

It is important for us to connect ourselves to God through his Word, worship, and prayer. Pray now, by a willful surrender, “Dear Lord join me to you, attach me to you.” Father God I pray for that one who is a Christian and is detached and needs to be reconnected today. If you are disconnected, may you heed the call and become one who is attached to God. I pray that the attachment will become your reality, that you will be so joined to God that His nourishment, His blessings will flow through you. Being connected to God brings so many blessings. I pray that you appreciate your need to be connected to God for nourishment and to fulfill your destiny by the power and the anointing of God. The Levites have the anointing because they get the flow from God. Those who are detached are dry. We all know when we are connected to the Word, when we pray to God, when we go to church, and when we worship, because we feel inspired. We are Levites; we are attached. At this point, we often say this is getting to be too much and we detach a little, we go dry. God forbid that anyone reading this message will stay dry. I pray that God will give you the grace to reconnect, to reattach, to join yourself to God so that you will be the best you can be in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Points:

The first point of connection is the place of salvation. If you are reading this message and you have never given your life to Jesus, pray along with me, “Lord, I surrender my life to you willfully. I ask to be joined to you. I want to be part of your family, to receive the nourishment and blessings of those who are attached to you, who have overcome detachment, who are joined to you and could be described in the order of Levi in Jesus’ name.” Amen.


September 15, 2019
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