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The Antidote to Contamination

August 9, 2019

August 9

Scripture Reading:  Joel 3:21

“For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwelleth in Zion.”

The Antidote to Contamination

Father God we thank you for the fountain filled with the blood from Emmanuel’s vein that is still flowing. We thank you because it is a provision for the cleansing of sinners such as we are. According to your Word it is available for whomever comes for cleansing. The fountain that is filled with blood is available to make whole those who are sick. It is available to deliver, heal, and protect. It is available to perfect all that concerns us. That blood that gives us strength from day to day will never lose its power.

Today’s message focuses on the antidote to contamination, the antidote to the stains of life brought forth by every sickness the enemy can bring forth. Jesus is the antidote because He cleanses our blood. I pray that God will cause every contamination that is operating in your blood system to be cleansed.  Lord, we thank you for the provision in Joel 3:21.

Lord you are the only one who knows exactly where the blood is because it is under cover in our veins. When it flows inordinately out of a man’s body, it is a sign of distress. When it flows inordinately through a woman’s body, it is cause for alarm.  The blood is life and the enemy attacks man through the blood because he knows if he succeeds in securing the blood, he has gotten that life.

We thank you Lord for there is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins.  Emmanuel, our Lord Jesus, our very present help allows sinners to plunge into the blood to lose all their guilty stains.  The number one stain of life is sin,

and the second is contamination. In this world that is filled with disease, blood-borne contamination can come to the innocent. Some have had blood contaminated by injections, inordinate consumption, cholesterol, or evil infusions. But the blood that Jesus shed at Calvary is flowing for us today. Jesus sets us free from every contamination in our body, soul, and spirit.  I pray that the blood of Jesus come into the blood of our children today. I pray for those who are going through sicknesses of the marrow, of degenerating blood flow, blood content and quality, and perpetual anemia. Today, Emmanuel’s blood, the blood of Jesus is available to wash every stain, every sin, every sickness away.

Father God Almighty, you know the details of every life. You know those who are in danger, those who are programmed for contamination by the devil, and those who have already been contaminated. Today, we superimpose your blood into their blood.  We decree that the blood of Jesus that cleanses, that sets free, that obstructs the inflow of the enemy’s blood today replace our blood in the name of Jesus. Into the life of everyone that the enemy has contaminated, we pray that the cleansing that comes with the blood of Jesus begin to work now.

If your body and blood have been physically contaminated, plunge into the blood of Jesus today.  If you have been spiritually contaminated, plunge into the blood of Jesus. If you are oppressed with sickness or the oppression of the enemy, plunge into the blood of Jesus. If everything in your life is contrary, you cannot sleep at night and you cannot work during the day, plunge into the blood of Jesus. Let everything that is contrary in your life be plunged into the blood of Jesus.  If your children are disturbing you, your spouse is giving you a hard time, or your business is suffering from blessings that are about to come but never arrive, plunge them into the blood of Jesus.

Today, Lord God Almighty, we receive a divine blood transfusion of the blood of Jesus that sets us free from sin, sorrow, and contamination. Thank you Lord, for your Word says you will cleanse our blood. We thank you because what you promised in the Old Testament, you fulfilled in the new covenant at Calvary. The promises you made in the book of Joel, you brought to reality in the New Testament in the book of Matthew. These promises you confirmed in the book of Mark, affirmed in the book of Luke, and manifested in the book of John.

Wherever you are, whatever pit of hell you have emerged from, we plunge you in the diffusing blood of Jesus. We take every evil agenda that the enemy has programmed into the life of the children of God, that conspiracy to transmit disease, that conspiracy to punish people, to bring sorrow, to scatter a marriage, and plunge it into the blood. Let the blood of Jesus begin to speak for you.

Prayer Points:

Lord, today I pray for that man or woman whose blood needs cleansing, who has been programmed for contamination. I say it shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass because the blood of Jesus sets us free. That fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s vein has never lost its power. Lord we plunge our lives, our circumstances, our situations, our challenges, every contamination, into the antidote that is in the blood of Jesus.  Holy Father, cleanse the blood of your children.

Father God Almighty, in the name of Jesus, I pray for that one who has never ever given his life to Jesus. This is the day to plunge your life in the blood of Jesus. Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  May this be your reality, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


August 9, 2019
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