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The Ultimate Note—Solomon

March 23

March 23


Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 3:3–15

“Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?,” 1 Kings 3:9.

The Ultimate Note—Solomon


Father God, we praise you. We give you glory and honour; we adore you and lay our lives before you. And Lord, we pray in the name of Jesus that you give us the grace to play our best notes for you. Help us to play our ultimate note for you; to get to our highest place with the giftings that you have poured into our lives.

In 1 Kings we see that Solomon played his ultimate note in wisdom. Solomon was already wise. His uncle, Ahitophel, was known as the counselor of David.  The great counselor was also known for his betrayal of David, when he became counselor to Absalom. But Absalom would not heed his counsel.  Ahitophel was so sure of his own counsel and wisdom that he took his own life, because he knew Absalom’s reign was over. This wisdom which Solomon had in his genes, although great, was not enough to play his ultimate note.

When that chance came, Solomon asked God to give him an understanding heart to judge the people so that he could discern between good and bad,” 1 Kings 3:9. He understood that wisdom was the principal thing. In playing that ultimate note, God released to him riches, as well as wisdom, so that no other king in the history of this world has surpassed him in wisdom and wealth.

Beloved, playing the ultimate note, doing your best, being the best that you can be for God brings rewards, brings release, brings the grace to say, “I have done my best.”  I pray that the spirit of mediocrity that has been neutralizing your blessing, that has been shortchanging you be released from you in the name of Jesus. I pray a divine release that will promote from mediocrity to excellence upon everyone reading these words.

Father God Almighty, if there be anyone who should give unto you gold, deliver them from every spirit that makes them think that silver will be enough.  Father, let your children give you the gold of their life because nothing but the best for you with the best that you have given us will do.  King of kings and Lord of lords, to those whom you have given the spirit of intercession, give them the grace to intercede and to mature in that gift. To those you have given wisdom, Father, give them the grace to use that gift to their utmost potential. Father, to those you have given the spirit of worship, give them the grace to worship you in spirit and in truth. Father, thank you for releasing your blessings to those who play the ultimate note with the giftings you have given them.

O living God, the convenience of being average is oppressing. We see it all around us; in our school children, in our ministers, in the way we pray, and in the way we worship. But Lord, we are fed up with this mediocrity and know that you are not impressed. Lord God Almighty, pour upon the earth and into our lives that spirit of the ultimate note, that spirit of excellence that caused Abraham to play his best note in manifesting faith to you; that spirit that caused you to release to him blessings beyond what he had received before. He was already blessed, but because he played the ultimate note, you gave him the ultimate blessing, being the father of a nation that is numbered as the sands of the seashore.  Father God, you blessed Solomon with wisdom, but because he played the ultimate note, you poured into his life the ultimate blessing, the ability to honestly and truthfully judge the heart of man.  O Father, bless your children with the grace to play the ultimate note with the music of their lives.

Prayer Points:

If you have never given your life to Jesus, today is your day. You cannot be your best, except the Holy Spirit, the spirit of excellence, comes upon you. So pray with me, “Dear Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you.  Write my name in the book of life. I receive your atonement for my sin. Pour into my life your spirit and give me the grace to be the best that I can be to the glory of God.”



March 23
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