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When Jesus Comes

November 30, 2020

November 30

Scripture Reading:  Luke 7

“Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me,” Luke 7:22–23.

When Jesus Comes

Father God, I thank you for you are our blessed Redeemer, our living Word. You have a name that is above all names, a name that is a way maker, a door opener, a protector, an ointment, a preserver; a name that is powerful, perfect, and flawless. We thank you, Lord God Almighty, for giving us Jesus and for the reality of the redemption that we receive in Jesus’ name.

Let us look at the seven manifestations of the works of our Lord Jesus Christ in the book of Luke. In answer to a question, Jesus offers a testimony concerning His ministry. John had sent people to ask Jesus if He was the one who was to come or if they should look for another, and our Lord answered and affirmed the manifestation of His power, the reality of the works that He had done.

  1. The blind see.

Jesus was not only talking about physical blindness, He was pointing out that many see spiritually when He comes into a life. I pray that Jesus will come into your situation today and that you will be able to see in every area that you are blind.

Invite Jesus into your church so that the physically and spiritually blind will see. Things will be revealed to you that you did not notice before; things that were hidden in plain sight. When the manifestation of the works of the Lord Jesus become real in your life, home, children, marriage, and business, the blind will see.

  1. The lame walk.

The things that stagnate make us lame. We know what we ought to do and where we want to be, but we are not taking steps to get there because we have been made lame spiritually. When Jesus comes, the lame walk, they begin to make progress because nothing hinders or holds them down anymore. They begin to move forward, to take incredible leaps forward. This happens when Jesus comes.

  1. The lepers are cleansed.

When Jesus comes into your life, the lepers, the things in your life that are unclean, the sins that make you spiritually leprous, the behaviors that compromise your purity are cleansed when Jesus comes.

  1. The deaf hear.

When Jesus comes into a situation, the things that have been said over and over again but people did not absorb in their hearing, will be heard clearly because the spiritual deafness will be removed. That is why Jesus has a name that is above every name.

  1. The dead are raised.

When Jesus is made manifest, the dead are raised. It is awesome to experience resurrection. A marriage could be dead but when Jesus comes it is raised. A relationship, a business, a church, a ministry, or a life could be dead, but when Jesus comes, it is raised up. I pray that Jesus will come into your situation and that every dead thing that should be alive will resurrect.  I pray that the resurrection power that comes with the presence of Jesus into every environment, into any situation will begin to manifest in your life.  I ask today that you will invite Jesus to come into that situation of dead things. I pray that your dead relationship with the Lord will come back to life.

  1. To the poor the gospel is preached.

There are many seminars, motivational platforms, and forums that are available only to those who can afford them. But when Jesus comes, the gospel is preached even to the poor because salvation is free. When His Word has been commercialized, Jesus has been excluded. But I thank God that Jesus still comes to some platforms, some homes, some settings, and into the lives that let Him in; that the gospel, the good news is preached to the poor.

  1. Whosoever shall not be offended.

I thank God that the seventh manifestation of the presence of Jesus is that people are enabled and blessed, that “whosoever shall not be offended,” shall not be doubtful of the reality that Jesus is come. People who will not take offense at the presentation of the gospel will be blessed.

When Jesus comes into your life as He has come today, knocking at the door of your heart, if you let Him in, you will begin a new life. When Jesus comes, things that should still be alive but were killed by the enemy will resurrect. When Jesus comes, you will begin to hear good news.  It will be preached to you, you will be enabled to prosper, enabled to be who you came to earth to be. I pray that Jesus will come into your life today.

Prayer Points:

If you have never invited Jesus into your life, pray with me now, “ Dear Lord Jesus, I invite you to come into my life and cause the miracles that happen when Jesus comes to happen in my life. Bless me, O Lord, for I believe that all things are possible in you.  Enable me, O Lord, to experience the reality of your arrival in my life, in Jesus’ name I pray.” Amen.


November 30, 2020
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