Held on the first of each month; Prevailing Prayers Service is a forum for beginning each month prayerfully and thankfully, with the appropriate reverence for the gift of new beginnings bestowed by the Almighty God. For updates on the location and times, register to be added to our mailing list and visit our website regularly.

Topics have included:

● Eliminate my Negative Details
● Breaking Through the Barricades of Your Blessings
● Wonders and Counsel for 2009
● Manifestation of Better Things
● Blessings of Hidden Manna
● Prayers of Little Children
● Prayers for Blessings and Mercy for a New Season
● Arise, Shine and Manifest the Glory of God
● Biblical Prosperity
● How to Eliminate the Adversary
● Protection from the Principalities and Powers of Darkness
● The Light of Thy Countenance